Clam Chowder Festival – Santa Cruz

If you’re looking for some delicious plans this weekend, look no further. Head on over to Santa Cruz and join in on the public chowder tastings at the 31st Annual Santa Cruz Clam Chowder Cook-Off & Festival.

Contestants in the Individual and Professional categories will be whipping up their unique takes on the creamy stew, so be sure to vote for your favorite. Get your fill of Boston and Manhattan chowders along with entertainment on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Great White Shark Now on Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Check out the new Great White Shark now on exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

“The young shark, a four-foot, seven-inch male weighing 43  pounds, was collected by their husbandry staff on August 18 near Marina del Rey, California. Since then, the shark has  been in an ocean holding pen while they confirmed that he  was feeding consistently and swimming comfortably in the  enclosure. On August 31 they brought him to the Aquarium  and placed him in the million-gallon Open Sea exhibit. They hope he’ll remain on exhibit for several months helping to change public attitudes and promote protection for this  magnificent and much-maligned ocean predator.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is in their 10th season of white shark field research and are learning things that will help protect these remarkable animals for future generations.”

Check the Monterey Bay Aquarium site for more information on the White Shark Project.

Don’t Miss this Blogger’s Central Coast Tale

Checkout one family blogger’s experience on the Central Coast:

Just arrived in BuelltonSanta Barbara county after an excellent drive down the” PCH” from Carmel, taking in the amazing Coastal scenery of the Big Sur – dramatic cliffs, huge pacific surf and hair-pin bendy roads (another RV navigational challenge)! Had a great lunch-time stop at a restaurant called Nepenthe in the heart of the Big Sur.

Monterey and Carmel were superb – the whale watching was the undoubted highlight with us being extremely lucky in seeing a couple of killer whales and also spending a great few hours in the impressive Aquarium in Monterey.

Tomorrow we are taking in some winery visits in the Santa Ynez wine area and then an afternoon on the beach near Santa Barbara.

Probably time to return the RV as I have started to assess the various merits of the different RV ‘s around the campgrounds – may need some serious help from friends and family to talk me out of entering the dark world of caravanning when we return to the UK. Thanks in advance!

Read more of the Resfamily blog here…

California’s Big Sur A Haven for Artists Inspired by History

“Literary history on the Central Coast of California is rich with the likes of Henry Miller, Robinson Jeffers, Jack Kerouac, George Bernard Shaw, John Steinbeck, Damon Runyon, PG Wodehouse and others.”

This article in the Washington Post talks about some of them! Read the whole story…

Californian Highway Made in Heaven

Californian highway made in heaven

It was once described by controversial American author Henry Miller as “the face of the earth as the Creator intended it to look … its majesty is almost too painful to behold”.

The highway has been declared a driving experience unsurpassed in natural beauty and scenic variety by US tourist authorities and travel writers.

For much of the journey, towering mountains plunge from thick redwood forests directly into the sometimes forbidding Pacific Ocean. Continue reading

Going Coastal — With the London Free Press

The coastline between Big Sur and Carmel, Ca., offers vista points on practically every corner. (PAUL TURENNE, QMI Agency)

Check out this recent travel story at the London Free Press.

“Whoever built California’s coastal Highway 1 must have done so on a bet.

There’s really no other justifiable reason that the 144-kilometre stretch of coast between Carmel and San Simeon should have any kind of connection between it. Unless, of course, you count the fact it is one of the most stunning landscapes on the planet.

The road certainly doesn’t exist to service the area’s population. There have to be fewer than 100 people who live on that stretch of coast – a truly remarkable thing, considering the density of much of the rest of California, and a testament to the unmanageably rugged nature of the state’s Central Coast. Continue reading