Santa Barbara—Your Summer Festival Destination

It isn’t without good reason that Santa Barbara likes to celebrate year-round. There’s plenty to be happy about when one happens upon such an iconic aspect of California’s Central Coast, including over 300 days of sun per year, rolling waves that roll into rolling hills that provide a variety of coveted wines and fresh produce, not to mention a downtown that is just as much hopping with excitement and activity as it is an epicenter of inviting, leisurely patios and decks.

With so much to enjoy, it’s no wonder that the community wanted to share the bounty and encourage others to join in the fun as far back as 1924 when Old Spanish Days Fiesta was founded. Today, the festival is one of many Santa Barbara summer soirees that has grown to include a variety of live performances, food, community celebration and more. Here is your list of not-to-be-missed summer festivals in Santa Barbara:

Santa Barbara makes the invitation even more enticing with its special offers on arts and culture, dining, hotels and hideaways, shopping, sports and recreation, tours and wineries! Don’t miss out on the unbeatable summer lineup of celebration in Santa Barbara.