Culture 101: Santa Barbara’s Quick Guide to Over 101 Cultural Pursuits

Culture 101 in Santa Barbara

Or maybe “quick” is the wrong word because, really, culture has been imbedded in Santa Barbara since long before the Spanish settlers arrived. Dating back to the Chumash Native Americans and their basket weaving, wall painting, jewelry and intricately designed canoes, it would seem that the Santa Barbara South Coast gave rise to a love of art and culture over 13,000 years ago.

Today, many spend days, months and even lifetimes pursuing the area’s distinct art and culture passions that can be found around just about every corner, which is why Culture 101 is so great. Whether you’re looking for a quick guide to the best live performance venues in town or intend to spend a few days exploring more in depth, Santa Barbara’s new campaign to highlight the immense cultural experiences along the Santa Barbara South Coast invites you to pick your passion, and then possibly find another. And, if you’re like me, many after that because it’s easy to start exploring and hard to stop. A trip to Lotusland or the Santa Barbara Zoo can easily end up taking you on a more extensive journey to some of the lesser known—but no less intriguing and important—cultural finds, such as Rancho La Patera & Stow House, once the center of the Goleta lemon trade and now a beautiful expanse of Victorian gardens, or an afternoon stroll through The Flying A: Silent Film in Santa Barbara at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum.

A variety of itineraries guide you through some highlights, while more extensive passion lists let you check multiple treasures off of your must-see list. Of course, the best part of Culture 101 is that these attractions are all just off Highway 101, making a day of cultural revelry easy and close.

If you’re like me and you appreciate a hands-on visit to the Maritime Museum just as much as you do a captivating live performance on the famous stage of the Arlington Theatre, then make sure you let your passion be your guide and visit Culture 101—the perfect place to start the journey.

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