Central Coast “Original Road Trip” Video

Watch video highlights along California Central Coast’s “original road trip”.

There’s a moment at the start of “the original road trip” along the Central Coast when you leave Los Angeles behind and arrive at a separate place. U.S. Highway 101 twists down the Conejo Grade to the farms on the valley floor. The view opens to inland mountains while the Channel Islands appear to float in the offshore mists.

The big city is behind you and the view hints at what lies ahead: 350 miles of coastline. Wine regions and farmlands spreading out from historic small towns. Hiking in rugged high country and outings along unspoiled stretches of the Pacific. A place to rekindle your imagination and rejuvenate your spirit. One thing is certain. No matter what route your take—no matter how many times you visit—the Central Coast will feel every bit as exciting and filled with discoveries as the first time you came here.

Find out more exciting things to do and plan your next visit by exploring this site. Begin browsing our extensive list of downloadable maps and itineraries organized by region, or visit our regularly updated events page for a list of upcoming events throughout the Central Coast. Read through our member compiled listing of things to do—and begin planning your very own Original Road Trip.


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