“Man versus Food” Comes to the Central Coast

San Luis Obispo, CA — A local restaurant put the Central Coast in the national spotlight last night. The Rib Line on Los Osos Valley Road in San Luis Obispo was featured in an episode of “Man Vs. Food Nation” on the Travel Channel. Adam Richman, the host, coached high school teacher Naader Reda, of Ventura, in attempting to defeat the “Brahma Bull Challenge.” The challenge means eating three pounds of tri-tip, sandwiched between a sliced sourdough loaf topped with barbecue sauce or salsa. Reda tried to beat the current record of 42 minutes. Reda beat the record by two minutes. He will now get free lunch every Friday at the Rib Line. The Rib Line also has a location in Grover Beach. If you missed the airing, visit travelchannel.com for their updated schedule.

Central Coast “Original Road Trip” Video

Watch video highlights along California Central Coast’s “original road trip”.

There’s a moment at the start of “the original road trip” along the Central Coast when you leave Los Angeles behind and arrive at a separate place. U.S. Highway 101 twists down the Conejo Grade to the farms on the valley floor. The view opens to inland mountains while the Channel Islands appear to float in the offshore mists. Continue reading

Great White Shark Now on Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Check out the new Great White Shark now on exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

“The young shark, a four-foot, seven-inch male weighing 43  pounds, was collected by their husbandry staff on August 18 near Marina del Rey, California. Since then, the shark has  been in an ocean holding pen while they confirmed that he  was feeding consistently and swimming comfortably in the  enclosure. On August 31 they brought him to the Aquarium  and placed him in the million-gallon Open Sea exhibit. They hope he’ll remain on exhibit for several months helping to change public attitudes and promote protection for this  magnificent and much-maligned ocean predator.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is in their 10th season of white shark field research and are learning things that will help protect these remarkable animals for future generations.”

Check the Monterey Bay Aquarium site for more information on the White Shark Project.