Going Coastal — With the London Free Press

The coastline between Big Sur and Carmel, Ca., offers vista points on practically every corner. (PAUL TURENNE, QMI Agency)

Check out this recent travel story at the London Free Press.

“Whoever built California’s coastal Highway 1 must have done so on a bet.

There’s really no other justifiable reason that the 144-kilometre stretch of coast between Carmel and San Simeon should have any kind of connection between it. Unless, of course, you count the fact it is one of the most stunning landscapes on the planet.

The road certainly doesn’t exist to service the area’s population. There have to be fewer than 100 people who live on that stretch of coast – a truly remarkable thing, considering the density of much of the rest of California, and a testament to the unmanageably rugged nature of the state’s Central Coast.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway, and its various incarnations as Highways 1, 101 and others, runs from the southern portion of Orange County to well north of the Bay Area. Any stretch of it is worthwhile, with some of the more popular stops being Malibu, Santa Barbara, Monterey, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

But the power and the beauty of the Earth between San Simeon and Carmel rivals any of the world’s natural wonders, and is truly the highlight of the popular drive from San Francisco to L.A.”

Read the rest of this incredible journey with Canadian travel writer Paul Turenne over at London Free Press.


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