Sea Otter Pup on Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

June 30, 2011: At just 9 weeks old and weighing 11 pounds, she’s the youngest and the smallest sea otter pup that they’ve ever had on exhibit. She’s spending time with Joy, our most experienced mentor mom who can show her all the things a young otter needs to know.The exhibit otters, including Joy, are all rescued animals that were unable to be returned to the wild. They now play an integral role as companions and surrogate mothers to other rescued otters. In fact, pups raised by the aquarium’s surrogate sea otter mothers have the same chance of surviving to adulthood when released as their wild-raised counterparts figure much higher than for human-reared pups!

Come visit the pup in person, or watch her live on their Otter Cam

As with previous pups, she may move behind-the-scenes without notice, so be sure to check that she is still on exhibit if you’re planning on making a special trip to see her.

The Aquarium will be updating their Facebook page with her progress and status.

Learn more about their newest pup and how she came to the Aquarium on their blog.


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